Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Posting a flower would have been too obvious for this week’s photo challenge, so I searched through my files and found this shot from last March.

Moonrise over industrial park. Reno, Nevada –  © Carissa Snedeker, 2012


  1. Nice . . . but aren’t the challenges meant to motivate one to go out and photograph something.

    Not that I partake, read them, or know much about them. Just asking.


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  3. That’s exactly why I haven’t submitted anything to the challenge. All I could think of was a purple flower. And I’m not necessarilly a flower kind of guy. I love this shot. Was that the super moon?


    • Thanks. I don’t think it was during the super moon. It was just low in the sky. (And the super moon isn’t really any larger to the naked eye than the regular one anyway, but it gives the news shows something to talk about other than, you know, news.)


    • Yes, handheld, using edge of car window for support. See my answer to William H. Edwards near the top of comment thread for details. Thank you for stopping by!


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