Day 192.5 – We have to leave them for a while

Tomorrow morning we’ll be heading out the door for five days. They’ll be in good hands, but we’ll miss them.  I got my to-dos done earlier than I thought so I pulled out my Speedlite and my reflector umbrella and set them up on the light stand. The cats were nowhere to be found, but the pups were available.

The heat of the day (100+ degrees today) had taken its toll on  Buddy, and our big boy wasn’t interested in doing anything but lay out on the carpet.

Nina gave me a little more as she worked hard on the Nylabone, which as you can see, is about as big as she is!

You all know I’m not big on the “reblogging” thing, but I wanted to share my lighting instructor’s latest blog post. I’ll get to study under him again next month as I take his two-Saturday class at the Nevada Museum of Art. I’m so excited!

The master at work.

Day 192 – Chain, chain, chain

Another “cheat” day, if you will indulge me. I took this one late last night (so technically it was today somewhere in the U.S.).  Today is going to be terribly busy, what with work and preparing for our trip to Las Vegas tomorrow, and I’m really not sure, no, make that I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have a chance to do any serious shooting today.

We’ll be in Vegas Wednesday through Sunday for The Amaz!ng Meeting. I’ll be taking pictures, but not sure when they’ll get posted. Hopefully I will be able to post every day, but . . .