Day 274 – Studio Lighting

I spent most of the day finishing up my Reno Air Races photo gallery (I will post more tomorrow).  I also spent a little time practicing basic studio lighting. While I was at it, I tried out a pose I read about at Digital Photography School.

If the Reno Air Races ever comes calling, at least I’ve got a decent head shot.

Set up: Key light to camera left at a 45 degree angle and above my head. Fill light to camera right at same 45 degree angle at 1/3 intensity. Nothing fancy.


Day 270 – Flowers by the Door

I had a meeting this evening after work and these dried flowers just inside the door caught my eye.  I shot this at 800 ISO,making the shot a bit grainy, considering the subject matter, I think it works.

For fun, I added a fresco filter for even more texture.

After I got home I caught Jezebel by lamplight.

More Air Race Photos – B&W

A few more photographs from the Reno Air Races that I processed in black and white.  I’ve still got more to work on and will keep posting them as I can.

Program sellers.

Munching down a teriyaki bowl.

Running the gauntlet of Box Seat Security.

Color guard.

Pit pass ticket sales.

Leaving the box seat area.

Enjoying the show.

Day 269 – Afternoon walk

My foot is getting better every day, but it’s still a bit tender so I took a short, careful walk around the grounds at work this afternoon, and what did I focus on again?

I took these with my 85mm. These are cropped, of course.


Day 268 – Missed It By This Much

Nope. Stayed off my foot yesterday except for what was necessary.  Instead, I’ll share a couple of photos from the Air Races. The gallery is not complete, by any means, but you can go have a look-see at this link.  More to come . . . I have to feed the dogs and get to work, and I’m already late!