2017 365 #22

We visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture today in Washington DC.   The history section takes up three floors. We made it through two of them in four and a half hours.

This young man, who did not give us his name, was the one who greeted us, explained that there was just one restroom on the first floor, but also helped us to be aware that what we were about to experience would be a deeply emotional experience.

It was.


Images from the campaign: Family Values


Their daughter isn’t even walking on her own yet, and most people would understand if they chose to stay home, but this young family drove over 200 miles from the San Francisco Bay Area to northern Nevada to canvass on behalf of our candidates. It was that important to them.

11 days.




My coworker was in need of a quick business portrait, so we stepped outside this morning for a very brief session before he met with a client. While this image isn’t the image we eventually chose,  I asked him if he’d let me post this one, as it is my favorite of the batch.



Denise was the Clinton campaign organizer for my area in the run-up to the Nevada Democratic Caucus. After the caucus, Denise did not head out to another state as many of the other organizers did, but stayed in Nevada and is about to file to run for Sparks City Council. We did her headshot session on Saturday.


Sweetie helps out

I’m doing an online photography workshop with the incomparable CJ Nicolai. I pressed my husband into service tonight.  I had him sit in the doorway between our bedroom and the backyard, facing outward into the yard. No lights on or windows open to illuminate the room behind him. I love my sweetheart’s expression here.


Headshot session: Kim!

Kim is a wonderful woman who specializes in intercultural understanding. She has been conducting diversity and cross-cultural workshops and classes at the university level for the past 10 years, and is in the process of updating her web site and branching out into other endeavors.

We had a wonderful session, and she is thrilled with the results.