Day 91 – Family Portraits

It’s the first day I’ve had to catch my breath since jumping on a plane a week ago last Thursday.  I’ve got an assignment to complete this weekend for lighting class (more about that later), but the wind is far too furious for picture-taking. My camera would get sand-blasted and full of dust and nastiness.  My final project for my lighting class is in the formative stages, but I know that I’ll need to light and shoot people properly, so today I set about taking some portraits. First me, then Nina, and even Sweetie let me drag him into my office lighting studio.







Day 89 – Reflection

What is reflection and what is “real?”  Taken around 7:00 this evening at Lawlor Events Center at the University of Nevada, Reno.  I shot this looking into Lawlor, with the parking structure, stairs and just a tiny bit of Mackay Stadium reflected in Lawlor’s glass doors.  Where does the interior end and the reflection begin?

And a bonus shot.  Before I shot Lawlor, I had been shooting the Joe Crowley Student Union building and captured the photo below. Funny coincidence, the woman and small boy walking toward me happened to be a co-worker and her son, though I didn’t know it at the time I snapped the photo. It wasn’t until she said, “Hey there photography lady!” that I realized what had happened.

Are you talented enough?

Doesn’t matter.

Do it anyway. Take the next step.

Do it because it’s fun. Do it because the world needs more beauty. Do it because your inner voice is too loud and you can’t get to sleep.

Act before you’re ready because regret sucks.

Link: Digital Photography School

Day 86 – Woman without a home

Taslima Nasrin spoke at the Reason Rally and again yesterday at the American Atheists national convention. She spoke of her exile from her home for the crime of nonbelief and having the audacity to speak out on behalf of those who are oppressed by religion. In a moving conclusion, she told us though she is a woman without her home, she now counted us as her family. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

As imperfect as this photo is, I wanted her portrait to be my photo of the day.