The Bargain

Nina let me know this morning as we were snuggling in bed. These past few weeks have seen a steep decline, and today she made it clear. “Okay,” I whispered. “I gotchu.” This is the bargain we make for the pup-human bond, and I promised her I would uphold my end of it. So this afternoon, through the snow and ice, we took one last R-I-D-E. I love you so much, my little black doggie. Thank you for 14 1/2 years of unconditional love.

January 5, 2020 – A chance encounter

What are the odds? I was driving the pups to Baring Vet today to get their nails trimmed, and just as I was approaching Howard on Fargo, I saw a young woman walking a dog that looked just like Bonnie, but with short hair. I rolled down my window:

Me: Oh my god, your dog looks just like mine! How old?
Her: A year!
Me: Did you adopt from PetCo?
Her: Yes!
Me: Oh my goodness, they are litter mates!!!

I pulled over and she came to my window. Her little girl was yapping. Bonnie was yapping.

Her: She’s a screamer!
Me: So’s Bonnie!

No… I didn’t get a photo, but going back to March I am certain the pup on the left is the one we saw as she is the only shorthaired puppy in the litter. (Bonnie is the one standing on the right)


And a photo from Sunday laziness . . .


New Baby in the House

Last weekend we brought this little baby home. Adopted through our local humane society, Bonnie is a poodle mix and just as sweet as can be.


I apologize for my absence. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

ISO 3200 / f/4 / 1/125s
23.0 mm (35.4 mm in 35mm)
Film simulation: Provia STD

Fujifilm X100F 365/Day 41 – Maya

If she makes it, our matriarch will be seventeen years old in May. I’ll lay odds she will. She continues to defy the Fates.


ISO 6400 / f/2 / 1/1000s
23.0 mm (35.4 mm in 35mm)
Film simulation: ACROS STD

Fujifilm X100F/Day 39 – Heartbreak


Not something we thought would happen when we woke up yesterday, but Buddy took a turn and the reality of the discussion we’d been having for months was staring us in the face. It was time. Our hearts are broken.

Buddy on September 22, 2018 (Canon 5D Mark III)

Fujifilm X100F 365/Day 5 (and some background)


I was checking the window light with Bibi, when Maya decided to step into the picture.

ISO 1250 / f/2 / 1/125s
23.0 mm (35.4 mm in 35mm)
JPEG – straight out of camera
Film simulation: ASTIA/SOFT

Just a little information on this project. I wanted to shoot a 365 project this year. Why? First and foremost, I wanted to rekindle my love for photography, which has sort of devolved into shooting events I happened to attend (or was asked to shoot), and doing a few head shot sessions here and there, mainly because I was asked to, not because I sought them out. Photography for its own pleasure and escape, as something that was totally MINE, had vanished. I wanted that back. The question: How was I to make this project a joy, rather than a chore? I knew I wanted to put some parameters on it, but I struggled with what they would be. I didn’t want to feel I had to lug a heavy camera around, but I didn’t want this to be an iPhone challenge either.  I’d purchased the X100F several months ago, and every time I’ve had it in my hands, I’ve felt happy.  To make it better, I was really pleased with the quality of images I was getting, its strength and clarity in low light, and the film simulations that come with the camera. I thought a year-long challenge, where I could really get to know this camera, was the way to go. So there you have it.

While I am shooting both RAW and JPEG, for the beginning days/weeks of the challenge, I’m just exploring the camera, so my first images will be jpg straight out of camera with no edits.  When that changes, I will let you know in the post.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.