Maya Update

Maya 04-16-2916-2

Maya 04-16-2916-1

Maya is holding steady. It is a balancing act between her hyperthyroidism and kidney disease, but with the able guidance of Dr. Sara Hogle at Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, Maya has not only gained weight (1.5 lbs!) but is doing well. We are continuing her thyroid meds as before and doing sub-q fluids twice a week. While it would be nice to get her thyroid number down a bit more, it has been cut in half from her original numbers and to try to bring it down any further by upping her meds could create more issues for her kidneys. So, for now, we continue as we have been. We are so very grateful to modern veterinary science for keeping our girl alive and well, given all her challenges.

Lensbaby Jezzie


We’re off to the vet this morning. I’m not looking forward to the caterwauling on the ride over, though. She does NOT like the carrier. At. All.

Buddy at Dusk


The sun was just about down when I slipped into the yard to capture my big boy with his usual worried face. He really does worry too much, but I don’t think there is any changing it at this stage of his life.

Nursing Maya

Maya is nearly fourteen years old, and in the past months she’s started to show signs of disease. I suspected kidney disease as she began to lose weight and interest in food and was wasting away. She was down to skin and bones and weighed less than six pounds. So off we went to the vet for an exam and blood work.  Turns out not only does she have kidney disease, but she has hyperthyroidism too.  Not wanting to leave her at the vet hospital, we started with sub-cutaneous  fluids and an appetite stimulant to see if we could get her interested in eating again.  In addition, the vet supplied a thyroid diet for her.  Well, the sub-Q fluids and appetite stimulant did their job and she started showing an interest in food again, just NOT the thyroid diet. So, not one to give up, we bought her canned cat food (the kind that comes in the tiny cans), and gave that a go.  She loved it and began to eat (like a boss), and has put on weight.  After a couple of weeks of this, I reported in to the vet, and we started Phase II: once daily thyroid meds.  Luckily, these come in a fishy-flavored chew which she finds quite the treat, so I don’t have to subject Maya to getting ‘pilled’ daily.   In a week or so, I’ll take her back for blood tests to see how she’s doing.

So, for now, she’s holding on. She’s still affectionate, and is not isolating herself. I know that when the time comes, she’ll let us know. For now, however, she’s not just hanging on, she’s doing pretty well.


Where’d they all go?

Nina is getting used to it just being me and Sweetie again, but I really think she misses Mary Janet, the staffer who was staying in our spare bedroom, and all the people who were in and out of our house over the past few months.  Not to worry, little girl. They’ll be back.