I finally figured out how to get a different look out of Buddy.   Calling his name doesn’t work. Snapping my fingers is a waste of time.

But I discovered last night that when I make a growly-questioning sound, his ears perk up, his head cocks to the side, and SNAP!

Smoked Ribs (and lungs, throat, eyes)

A few of you have been asking about the smoke. It’s still here and it’s still awful. We’re hoping to get some respite by the weekend.

The irony? Today marks the kickoff of the annual Best In The West Rib Cook-off.

The jokes write themselves.

A friend of a friend cracked on Facebook, “Right about now all you need to do is wave your rack of ribs out the car to Gardnerville and back. Voila, smoked ribs!”

A friend quipped: “Enjoying a beer and margarita on the patio, eating appetizers. Smells like we’re at camp. That’s on fire.”

The view this morning at the stoplight in my town. Those hills are just on the other side of the signal.

Edited to add:  It just dawned on me that the tracks on the highway is ash.  It’s getting on everything.


We All Have A Book Inside Of Us Waiting To Be Written

I’ve been following this blog for quite some time and just pre-ordered her book. Have a look see!

Raising My Rainbow

In June, early copies of my book arrived and I wrote a letter to introduce it to booksellers.  With the release of my book exactly one week away, I thought I’d let you read what I wrote to the people who will be selling my book. — xoxo, C.J.’s Mom

June 2013

Dear Reader,

When I was in college studying English literature, my favorite professor told the class that we all have a book inside of us waiting to be written. The thought both excited and terrified me. I pushed it to the back of my mind as I graduated, landed a corporate job, got married, and got pregnant. My first son made me a mother ten years ago. My second son will make me an author on September 3, 2013.

My professor had been right. I had a book in me; I just couldn’t know what the topic would…

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Well, I’ve gone through all my subscriptions and “unfollowed” and “followed” again. I’ve gone into my reader as edited my list to receive all posts “instantly” via email. That seems to have done the trick.  But, alas, it appears that  receiving posts via digests no longer works for me.  I tried to change one blog I follow that posts multiple times a day back to receiving it as a daily digest and I did not receive the daily digest notice that usually arrives in my inbox close to midnight.   I went back in, readjusted to receive each post instantly.

I’m frustrated. The point of the daily digest was to keep the amount of email in my inbox to a semi-manageable level.  Oh well.

Sigh . . .