Sweetie poses for me again

He’s a good sport. Next time I’m taking him out in the middle of the sagebrush…not the backyard.



    • That’s what I really wanted to do but he kind of balked. Next time I’ll get him out there. And yeah, he does look good in a cowboy hat. He used to wear one all the time. He’s kind of gotten out of the habit, and I miss it.


  1. Ces 2 portraits sont superbes et le modèle est très photogénique. Par contre, je trouve l’arrière plan trop présent qui attire l’oeil. La prochaine fois, fait en sorte que l’arrière plan soit plus éloigné pour bien détacher le sujet.


  2. Well, I thought it was perfect until I read the comments and now I think too think you should get him out in the sagebrush. Sweetie just gets better and better. He ages well. How the heck does a strobe work? The only strobes I know of go off and on. You may have discussed this earlier and I missed it.


    • A strobe is any light that “flashes” when you press the shutter. There are also lights that provide continuous light (like I used on your shoot). So technically, a on-camera flash is a strobe too, However, photographers tend to use the term “strobe” to differentiate from flashes. In this case, it is an off-camera light that I have on a light stand, and is a lot more powerful than my Speedlite flashes. Hope that clears it up.


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