Day 366 – The Den

In this room, I sat on my father’s lap as he watched the Friday Night Fights.  In this room, I learned how to whistle. In this room, I listened to the Beach Boys singing “In My Room,” when this room was my brother’s bedroom.  In this room I went through a few months of twenty-year-old angst, when it was my bedroom.

From this room, I bolted from my slumber this morning as my mother yelled for help as Dad slipped towards the floor as he tried to transition from his bed to his scooter. Between Mom’s and my efforts, Dad didn’t fall. But I worry. I’ll be out of here tomorrow and the home health aide isn’t back until Thursday.

But . . . still . . . this is a peaceful room. And it will always be “The Den.”

Well, I did it.

366 days.  Don’t worry, I’m not leaving, but this blog will take a different turn.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Day 365 – Morning Walk

My parents have a Sunday morning tradition to meet their friends at Starbucks. Since there is one just three blocks from the house, the three of us walked up there and back again.

I snapped this shot on the way back to the house. T’was a wee bit chilly this morning, by southern California standards, so it’s either the cold or the weight of the world you see on Mom’s shoulders. Likely a bit of both.

Day 364 – Therapy

Dad’s physical therapist came today.  Given that I have not seen my father standing on his own in months and months, today was a wonderful day.

Jason checking Dad’s vitals.  Everything looked good!

Jason explaining all the benefits of working his legs to Dad, and priming the pump, so to speak.

He’s up!  Basically Dad did this on his own steam, with minimal support from Jason. Mom and I each took turns assisting Dad to make sure we did it right.

Jason says Dad needs to get up every half hour, and I have designated myself the job of taskmaster . . . at least until I leave on Tuesday.

Day 362 – Laundry Night

I’m getting the laundry done tonight as I’ll be hopping on a plane late tomorrow afternoon for a five-day trip to L.A. to spend a few days with my parents. Dad is home and this will be the first trip I’ve made down there where he is not in hospital.


Day 361 – A bit of snow

It’s wickedly cold and expected to get colder.  We had a winter storm blow through last night which dropped about 2-3 inches (though not as much in my neighborhood). The roads are icy and given it’s a slow week at work (all of my bosses are out of the office), I’ve gotten dispensation to work from home. Earlier today I took a few minutes outside with my camera to capture the snow.

Day 359 – Family Day!

Daughter and her fiance came over this afternoon for dinner and to exchange Christmas presents.  We’ve watched A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version), How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Boris Karloff narration), The Snowman (my daughter and I got hooked on this when she was quite small), and have now popped National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in the DVR.  We LOVE this movie. It has just the right touch of schmaltz (teeny), love and comedy. A lot like life, eh?

The coffee is ready. Pumpkin cheesecake and apple pie await, and the kids are saying the lines along with Clark Griswold. All is good in our world.

A few shots from the gift exchange. Daughter and future son-in-law in their SF 49ers swag.

Sweetie looking adorable.