More Sigma 35mm

Maya and Nina by window light.

All were shot at f/1.6. This one was shot at 1600 ISO.


All the rest were shot at 400 ISO.





I love this lens.

The circle of life as seen from our bedroom window

I captured this Cooper’s Hawk* in our backyard today just doing what comes naturally.





* Based on Google. I originally thought this was a red-tailed hawk. But just to be sure, I researched.  When I read that Cooper’s Hawks prey on smaller birds, I felt pretty confident in my assessment.

New Lens

After reading the reviews and seeing real live examples of what this lens can do, I took the leap and purchased a Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM. It arrived midday yesterday and I had to take it out for a spin. I am in love.


1/640s at f/2.0. ISO 100


1/200s at f/2.2. ISO 100


1/3200s at f/1.8. ISO 100


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200