Model Puppy

Another photo from my “Nina shoot” a couple of days ago.  She’s conked out next to me right now. Love this little doggy! Now, if I could just get Buddy to pose for me!

Bartley Ranch Park Sculpture

The weather was pretty nice yesterday, so I grabbed my camera and left the office for a little photo time. I kind of followed my nose and wound up at Bartley Ranch Regional Park.

In front of the old  Huffaker School House there is a life-size sculpture of a boy and a girl playing at a water pump.  I’ve been searching high and low for the artist and have not been able to determine who created this. However, it does bear a striking style resemblance to the sculpture I photographed last spring outside the Raggio Building on the University of Nevada campus.

I added some texture to these two.

He’s a pretty good sport

I was working out the kinks with my new flash and Sweetie  was kind enough to sit for me for about ten minutes after working all day and teaching a computer class after work.