Technique Experiment

I used the same technique on these as I used on Maya’s photograph the other day. Both of these were processed in Nik Color Efex Pro, then brought back into Photoshop where I merged the Nik and original layers. From there I created a new copy layer to which I added the Gaussian blur filter. Using the erasure at 40%, I removed the blur from our faces and hair.  Then upping the strength of the eraser to 85%, I focused on removing more blur from the eyes to make them stand out.  Kinda fun.

You may recognize this photo of my daughter from the shoot I did in October.

This shot of me is a new one, just shot yesterday. More work on my portraiture lighting, I was going for a dramatic look. I think a darker background would have been better, but I was focusing on the lighting on my face more than anything and I was too lazy at the time to hang the backdrop.