Snow and cold don’t make for happy dogs

It has not gotten above freezing for the last ten days so it’s taking a long time for last week’s snow to melt. The pups are putting up with it, but that’s about it. Granted, we aren’t nearly as cold as some areas of the country, but for us this extended cold snap is odd.

Half of the backyard doesn’t get any sun this time of year, so the snow will stay until the temps get higher. Nina and Buddy in the perma-shade section.

Nina on the sunny side of the yard where the snow is melting and leaving a soggy mess.

Nina near the deck.

Maya – 9/26/2012

I really liked this shot as it came out of the camera. However, in post production I utilized a technique with Gaussian blur and layered erasures of the blur to expose Maya and pop the catch-light in her eye.