We survived!


Our new trailer survived her maiden voyage, the dogs learned about the camping thing (no, they weren’t lashed to the picnic table the entire time). I think they really enjoyed sharing our teeny bed.  Even Buddy was squeezed in with us. Can you say “tight fit?”



Mmm! Camp coffee!

Saturday morning’s sunrise was just beautiful.




Puppy Adventure?

Sweetie and I have recently acquired a travel trailer and we’re taking it, and the dogs, out this weekend for a trial run.  They’ve never spent the night anywhere but their own home. Wish us luck!


My favorite

Jerry’s portrait session was a couple of weeks ago. He settled on his (and his mom’s) favorite images. Of the ones he picked this one is my favorite.  Jerry’s genuine kindness shines through.

Jerry Moore-125-Edit

Waiting for the children

I took a walk around Idlewild Park yesterday, even though the skies were gray and full of rain.  At the playground there were a few hardy souls celebrating a little girl’s fourth birthday, but that was about it.