Day 334 – 50mm Maya

A very shallow depth of field photo of Maya tonight (shot under lamplight at f/1.8, 1/250s,  ISO 1600). It was a very busy day at work, and this evening we had a late dinner out with family. I came home to do some laundry and pack for my trip to L.A. tomorrow afternoon so I can spend a few days with my dad, who is recovering from another surgery.  I’m waiting for the load to finish drying and then I’ll be stumbling off to bed.

Day 332 – Antique Opera Glasses

Brad’s Grandfather owned these and we inherited them after his passing.  They are in remarkably good shape, though I think I’d like to get them professionally cleaned. We also have another pair of Lemaire Fabt opera glasses, though not with mother of pearl as these are.

I also added a vintage filter to the first shot. It seemed fitting.

Day 330 – Bowers Mansion

I took Nina and Buddy on an outing today.  One of our stops was Bowers Mansion Park.  Here are a few photos from that stop.

On the playground, these swings caught my eye. I liked the repeating shapes, so I processed the photo in black and white to bring them out.

At the front steps of the mansion.

There is a very large fallen tree on the property. This is just a portion of the exposed roots.

A view of the mansion from the playground. Out of the frame to the left is a covered picnic area and horseshoe pit.

Day 328 – Cheers!

I actually took this one yesterday, but today’s been so full of family and other activities, that I’m posting this one for today’s photo.  From left to right: Sweetie, Me, Daughter and her fiancé.