Black Lives Matter March, Reno

We began at the university and marched down Virginia Street, across the freeway and on to City Plaza.


These two were watching us march.
And then, they joined us!





2017 365 #22

We visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture today in Washington DC.   The history section takes up three floors. We made it through two of them in four and a half hours.

This young man, who did not give us his name, was the one who greeted us, explained that there was just one restroom on the first floor, but also helped us to be aware that what we were about to experience would be a deeply emotional experience.

It was.


Images from the campaign: It’s not all rallies and cheers

It’s making calls, training volunteers, and making friends for a lifetime. (click on any image for slide show)



My coworker was in need of a quick business portrait, so we stepped outside this morning for a very brief session before he met with a client. While this image isn’t the image we eventually chose,  I asked him if he’d let me post this one, as it is my favorite of the batch.

I shoot photographers


I met Bill at a Congressional fundraiser a couple of weeks ago.  We chatted each other up and I turned him on to back button focus. Then I shot him.