Just so you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth

Though things have fallen on me.

I had a little run-in with this on Sunday.

Cast iron. Very heavy. Sharp edges.

It won.

Remind me never to move a shelf again without first removing the heaviest contents from the highest shelf. Pain, blood, and three staples later, I’m still kicking.  No concussion.  If you were one of my Facebook friends hanging around on Sunday, you were witness to the blow-by-blow.

So here’s a somewhat cuter photograph.

Something new in my photographer’s toolbox

I’d heard about this mystery process called scanning negatives, and I knew my CanoScan 4400F had the capability. I’d even glanced at the little thing-a-ma-jiggy that holds the negatives. I finally took it out for a whirl yesterday.

Way cool.

No, seriously.

First husband (daughter’s dad). 1981. Willamette River. Portland, Oregon.

I miss Oregon so much, but I digress…

I took this photograph with my spiffy, new (at the time) SLR. I barely knew what I was doing, but this one came out pretty good. I wish I’d kept up with my photography, but we were young and poor and film developing was not cheap.

A whole new world has just opened before me. Toddling off to buy some film. Any recommendations from my film photographer followers? I love black and white too, so any recommendations would be most welcome!

Nesting Robin

I believe I caught this robin on a day when she was laying one of the eggs in her clutch.  Her continual shifting and acrobatics along with a beak that hung open the whole time seemed to give it away. The girl was working it.


There’s no point in showing you this photo in color…rabbit and surroundings are the same. Taken on our property. (See, I don’t need to drive 60 miles to shoot wildlife!) And no, they’re not that afraid of us. Or the dogs. Sigh.