At the Natural History Museum

Part of the Smithsonian, the Natural History Museum on the National Mall is a must-see.  There is no admission charge to any of the Smithsonian museums, so get yourself to Washington DC and you are good to go.  Word of advice: Allow yourself lots of time to explore!

The greeter.

There is so much going on in this simple photograph!

The view from the front.

Good Luck, Mr. President – UPDATED

It is Inauguration Day in the United States.

For all the silliness of the election season, and regardless of the winner, I like inauguration day and the peaceful transition of power it symbolizes (or in this case, the assent of the people to the continuation of the current administration).  I’ve got a number of friends who are there and I hope they have a great time.

I took these shots of the White House last March.  You can see the lights on in the Oval Office and I wonder if they are on all the time, or only when the President is in residence. I’m pretty sure President Obama was in D.C. at the time, so seeing the lights on was kind of cool.

UPDATED to add: Okay, now I’m feeling rather foolish. I’ve been operating under the misapprehension that the Oval Office is located in the White House. It is not. It is located in the West Wing, a separate building on the White House grounds.