New Lens

After reading the reviews and seeing real live examples of what this lens can do, I took the leap and purchased a Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM. It arrived midday yesterday and I had to take it out for a spin. I am in love.


1/640s at f/2.0. ISO 100


1/200s at f/2.2. ISO 100


1/3200s at f/1.8. ISO 100


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200



  1. I love that photo of the house and the fields. Just lovely. Taking the photos of the fire hydrant proves that art is everywhere…even in such an ordinary thing as a fire hydrant. That must be some lens. Every thing, near and far, seems to be in focus. Is that a result of the lens?


    • Thank you, Rita. But take a look at the images again. Not everything is in focus… just want I want to be. It is a combination of the lens and the manual settings i set on my camera.


      • I noticed that particularly in the hydrant photos, the background wasn’t in focus. But with that wonderful farm scene it all seemed to be wonderfully in focus, except for a little bit in the foreground. I makes it a picture I just like to look at. Great photo.


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