I finally did it

I bought a strobe (with a real live modeling light) and a decent-sized soft box. And of course, I’m practicing.  These are pretty much how they came out of the camera with just minor processing.

As always, Nina makes a semi-willing subject. The nice thing about the strobe is that it recycles quickly, allowing me to make another shot almost immediately. The soft box provides a soft, but well-directed light.

Maya sat still for a few seconds. Thank goodness for the strobe’s quick recycle!

She’s looking a little twitchy in this one.

Issue with my subscriptions

Hmmm. It seems that WordPress has decided to stop emailing all my subscriptions that come via “daily digest.”  Don’t know why, so I may need to unsubscribe and then resubscribe to a number of blogs I follow. So if you see that happening, that’s what’s going on.