My coworker was in need of a quick business portrait, so we stepped outside this morning for a very brief session before he met with a client. While this image isn’t the image we eventually chose,  I asked him if he’d let me post this one, as it is my favorite of the batch.

Sweetie helps out

I’m doing an online photography workshop with the incomparable CJ Nicolai. I pressed my husband into service tonight.  I had him sit in the doorway between our bedroom and the backyard, facing outward into the yard. No lights on or windows open to illuminate the room behind him. I love my sweetheart’s expression here.


My favorite

Jerry’s portrait session was a couple of weeks ago. He settled on his (and his mom’s) favorite images. Of the ones he picked this one is my favorite.  Jerry’s genuine kindness shines through.

Jerry Moore-125-Edit

A few more . . .

A few more shots from the water shoot I participated in last Friday night.




Shot at Pixella Productions in Reno, NV.

Hair and Makeup for Ariel: Crystal Bell-Flores

Hair and Makeup for Cailean: Gloria Jiminez



Stepping out from behind the camera

I’ve known Eric for a few years now. He is a fellow photographer and on Wednesday night he was assisting in Jeff Ross’ studio portrait class. We students cajoled him into stepping out of the dark and into the light (which in this case was two fluorescent lights to camera left).