Smoked Ribs (and lungs, throat, eyes)

A few of you have been asking about the smoke. It’s still here and it’s still awful. We’re hoping to get some respite by the weekend.

The irony? Today marks the kickoff of the annual Best In The West Rib Cook-off.

The jokes write themselves.

A friend of a friend cracked on Facebook, “Right about now all you need to do is wave your rack of ribs out the car to Gardnerville and back. Voila, smoked ribs!”

A friend quipped: “Enjoying a beer and margarita on the patio, eating appetizers. Smells like we’re at camp. That’s on fire.”

The view this morning at the stoplight in my town. Those hills are just on the other side of the signal.

Edited to add:  It just dawned on me that the tracks on the highway is ash.  It’s getting on everything.



  1. We were starting to wonder whether it was such a good idea to buy rib village tickets this year. Sitting in the smoke in addition to the rib smoke and eating smoke and breathing smoke …just too much smoke! (p.s. I’m working on my own smoke-related post right now, too.)


    • Ha! Can’t wait to read it!

      I’m a vegetarian, but Sweetie isn’t so we were thinking of heading there this weekend (I love the corn on the cob), but we’ll see. I also wanted to wander around on my own tomorrow evening after work with my camera. Again, we’ll see.


      • My husband loves the grilled corn! The rib village is great because you can sit in a clean chair at a clean table. It seems silly to pay for that but … it’s the little things that make me happy!


    • Thank you, Bob. I think we’ve all gotten past the point of complaining. We’re all in the same boat, and we basically just have to wait it out.

      I did want to provide an update for you all though.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I haven’t seen signs of the ash here, but I hear about it so I must be breathing it in like everyone else. Good photo again, and so sharp, again. You’re doin’ it girl.


    • Thanks, Rita. The ash is really fine. You almost don’t notice it until you put your hand on something it has fallen on. I did notice it floating in the air last night coming out of work and this morning heading to work. I’m sure you’ve got it out where you live. It’s everywhere.


  3. I heard yesterday that the major part of the park is not affected. I hope it stays that way. If only it would rain and rain and rain! I don’t think many folks are going for smoked ribs now. Somehow that just sounds unappetizing.


    • Yes, it has gotten into the northwest portion of the park, but the Yosemite Valley is not yet threatened. Still, many structures and over 250 square miles of forest have burned.


    • Actually, no. We aren’t near Yosemite. We are over a hundred miles away. Go to Fresh Ginger’s blog. She’s from northern Nevada too and she just posted about the smoke and fire as well. She provides an excellent graphic of the path of the smoke from the fire. You can see it from space.


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