Well, I’ve gone through all my subscriptions and “unfollowed” and “followed” again. I’ve gone into my reader as edited my list to receive all posts “instantly” via email. That seems to have done the trick.  But, alas, it appears that  receiving posts via digests no longer works for me.  I tried to change one blog I follow that posts multiple times a day back to receiving it as a daily digest and I did not receive the daily digest notice that usually arrives in my inbox close to midnight.   I went back in, readjusted to receive each post instantly.

I’m frustrated. The point of the daily digest was to keep the amount of email in my inbox to a semi-manageable level.  Oh well.

Sigh . . .


    • I only recently started having this issue. It started about the 20th. I still think it may have something to do with my gmail account, but the problem is on WordPress’ end. Otherwise, I shouldn’t be able to receive ANY email notifications. That is obviously not the case. I am just not receiving the digest versions.


    • No. There was only one blog that I receive a weekly digest. That doesn’t work either. So I must receive each post independently or try to keep up via my reader, which I don’t like to do. It’s the same as receiving individual emails, when one considers the number of blogs I follow. Ah well.

      Off to work now.


  1. Hi Carissa, besides my wordpress blogs I follow others too but am using Feedly to handle those blogs and put them into a reader, really works for me and I can get to read them when I have the time instead of the intimidating mounds and mounds of emails coming in. Maybe it could work for you too?


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