4th of July – Show and Shine

While I can appreciate the work and devotion that goes into restoring and maintaining a classic car,honestly,  I don’t get super-excited about them, especially when I see classic cars painted odd colors and bedecked with flames and other such non-standard decor. However, as we wandered around Fernley’s 4th of July Show and Shine, I was taken with this International Harvester pick-up.  I processed this one in Lightroom, because I felt it needed an old-timey feel to it. Hope you like it.

Day 186 – Standoff

I caught Maya and a jackrabbit staring each other down through the front door this morning. I shot about a dozen photos, alternating focus between Maya and the jackrabbit. I finally settled on this one.  I love that they are both looking right at each other and that their ears seem to mirror each other’s.