Day 190 – Neat and Tidy

I’ve been feeling a bit smothered lately by our Stuff, so I’ve started on a “lighten the load” trajectory.  I found a video via a Freshly Pressed blog (!) on how to fold clothes and organize drawers. I have to say though, I’m not anal enough to color-coordinate my drawers the way she does.  Actually, I am more likely to organize them by cause. I mean, really, I hate digging through my t-shirt drawer to find the perfect one for the occasion, be it a protest, a gay rights event, a feminist shindig, or a freethinkers meeting.  Anyway, her method for folding t-shirts and putting them away got my attention.

So I did it today.

Here’s my “before.”  Yes, that is Amelia Earhart. I adore her.  Oh, and I applied a filter (Poster Edges) to make the shots look artsy.

Here is the after. Cool, huh?

I did it for Sweetie’s t-shirt drawer too. He loves it.

And I am now officially back on track with my 365 project.

Day 189 – Playing in the fountain

I realize that I am a day behind. Late night Friday, full day yesterday. You all understand, I’m sure. Anyway, here is “yesterday’s” post.

Sparks, Nevada has a fun little downtown area called Victorian Square. Many street fairs are held there, including the Best in the West Rib Cook-Off and a weekly Farmer’s Market in the summer.  One of the best parts of Victorian Square is an interactive fountain in front of the movie theater. Yesterday I stopped by to snap some of the kids trying to stay cool on a hot Nevada summer day.

It was hotter than the dickens and I could only bear about fifteen minutes in the sun, given that I didn’t have a hat or the freedom to jump in the fountain with the rest of them.  Still, I got a lot of shots in (and handed my card out to the moms there), so if you’d like to see them all, just head on over to my SmugMug gallery.

The kids were having a blast and it was hard to narrow it down, but here are just a few of my favorite shots.  (Moms – if you want a copy of any of my photos, please contact me via my Facebook page or contact me via email at carissanv at gmail dot com).

More of this cute guy at  SmugMug.

   Isn’t she adorable?

   Even the pups were cooling off.

   This is probably my favorite shot. I caught him at just the right moment.

 Seriously, check out the gallery at SmugMug.