Day 184 – Fire. Again.

Known as the Pinehaven Fire, it is near Caughlin Ranch, the same area where 30 homes were destroyed last year due to a wind-whipped fire. Fortunately, it appears no structures are threatened at this point, but the fire started because of a high-speed chase by the police in which the fleeing  suspect rolled the car which sparked the fire. Needless to say, the fire became the priority and the suspect is still at large.

I shot some at around 1pm, but this one was taken this evening after I left work at about 5:30.  You’ll need to click on it to see the larger photo.

On a lighter note, these two doves were perched on the telephone wires above me and appeared to be watching the planes and helicopters working to put out the fire.

These cattle were oblivious to it all.

There are more photos are in my SmugMug gallery which I will continue to add to as I go through my shots and post the better ones.

While this is nothing compared to what’s going on in Colorado and elsewhere, for us in the west, fire season is just getting started.

Speaking of which….we’ve got another fire.