Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge


Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), July 2, 2017.

My contribution to this week’s WP Photo Challenge.  Airports are not just a bridge to other places, but more importantly,  they provide a way to be with my family.

For this challenge, interpret the theme “bridge.” You can go the same route as I did and capture any type or style of bridge where you are, or go deeper and take a snapshot of something or someone that acts as a bridge in your life: a link, a connection, a mediator.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

My submission for this week’s WordPress photo challenge.

Roy G. Biv: no, he’s not the new bagger down at the grocery store. “Roy G. Biv” is an acronym made of the first letters of the seven colors of the rainbow, to help you remember: Red.Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. It’s also your photo challenge theme for this week!*

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

My entry for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time? Time for another multi-photo challenge! Wow us with punchy pops of orange.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

My contribution to this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo challenge.

For me, as a photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than having a client swear to me that she never takes a good picture, that no photo ever looks like her, and then have her fall in love with what we create together.