Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

My contribution to this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo challenge.

For me, as a photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than having a client swear to me that she never takes a good picture, that no photo ever looks like her, and then have her fall in love with what we create together.



    • I think it is mainly because what they see in the image is NOT what they see in the mirror so it feels “off” to them. If you were to flip the image, I imagine they would feel much more comfortable with it. I’ve tried this with some of my self-portraits and I always like the reversed image more, because it feels more “normal” to me. But to the rest of you who see my images as you would see me, the reversed image would look off.

      The other part is that, honestly, they may not have had the benefit of a good photographer who knew how to light them, pose them, make them feel comfortable in their own skin.


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