The Amaz!ng Meeting, Part II

Just a few from Friday . . .

At eight in the morning we all gathered for a live show of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

George Hrab, musician, skeptic, host of the Geologica podcast, and emcee of the conference, gets things started with a song and video.

Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education (and a personal hero of mine).

James Randi having a laugh during his conversation with Jamy Ian Swiss.

Jamy Ian Swiss cracking up over something or ‘nother.

Carol Tavris gave Friday night’s keynote, “A Skeptical Look at Pseudoneuroscience.”

After the keynote we had a Friday the 13th mirror-breaking. Funny thing, this guy had a dickens of a time actually breaking the mirror as he was not whacking it hard enough!

Said mirror breaking was followed by a pinata . . .

 . . .  which was followed by the Skeptics Guide to the Universe fundraising dinner. Sweetie and I attended.

Four out of five of the hosts of the SGU podcast, Steven Novella, Bob Novella, Jay Novella, and Evan Bernstein.

The highlight of the evening had to be when Evan auctioned off his New York Jets jersey with the #15 on it, but instead of Tebow, the name across the back was “SKEPTIC.”

Evan’s demonstration for the people at the dinner who had no idea of who Tim Tebow is.

There are lots of photos in SmugMug gallery, but I think my favorite capture of the night was this shot of Bob and Steve Novella.

By this time, Sweetie and I were exhausted, so we headed to our room. We thought of attending Penn Jillette’s Bacon and Donut Party (start time” 11pm), but we were just too pooped.

Lots more photos at the TAM SmugMug gallery.


      • I assume you used your big rig, and the off-camera flash. Any restrictions to picture-taking?

        Were there many there with similar set-ups (meaning, did you look out of place)?


      • I used my new camera, but in the few instances I used my flash (SGU dinner), I kept it on camera, but diffused and angled it up. In the Grand Ballroom, I shot handheld at 1250 ISO and used the stage lighting already provided. More often than not, my knees were my tripod. Carrying one around would have been a pain, so even though I did bring my lightweight one with me, it never saw any use at all.

        No restrictions for me or anyone else that I could tell. There were a few of us there who were obviously serious photogs. We were not restricted from getting in close to the stage. We could not go ON the stage, obviously.


    • I really love b&w photos, so sometimes I will play with it, just to see how it looks. If I like it better than the color version, I use it. For TAM, however, there were times I chose to process when the lighting was glary and difficult to get the color right. I didn’t want bad color to ruin an otherwise decent photo. The SGU dinner was a classic case of that. Rather than fight with the color, I moved to monochrome in several shots and processed accordingly.

      The one of Jamy, however, I have in both color and b&w. He asked me for hi-res version of the color and since I love to play with black and white, when I sent him the color version I offered the black and white as well. To me, black and white has a different vibe than color. He took both versions.


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