The Amaz!ng Meeting, Part 1

The Amaz!ng Meeting is sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation and is a four-day conference that celebrates science and critical thinking. We’ve gone twice and likely will attend again next year.  It is four days long and packed full of interesting workshops, panels, guest speakers,  and lots of fun.

I’m working hard on completing the Amaz!ng Meeting gallery and only have one more day of photos to go through. I hope to have it completed by tomorrow. Here are a few..

James Randi schmoozing with an attendee on Thursday.

Thursday is reserved for workshops. I attended four.

This is Leo Igwe. He participated in a workshop called “From Witch-burning to God-men: Supporting Skepticism Around the World.”  His stories of the horrors of the belief in witches in Africa were stunning.

Attendees at this workshop.

This is Tim Farley, web master of the web site What’s the Harm Check it out. He and Derek Colanduno (the host of the podcast, Skepticality) led a workshop on skepticism online.

An attendee at one of Thursday’s workshops.

Attendees at the workshop entitled: “Dr. Google – How to find reliable health information online and elsewhere, and skeptically evaluate the information you find.”

The coalition-building workshop broke us out into groups.

The workshops were followed by dinner, the Welcome Reception and the game show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Fool Me.” It was a late night, but we were all up bright and early for the 8am taping of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast.

More later . . . I need to get to sleep.


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