Day 193 – Hotter than Hades

Thank goodness we can stay inside. This may look idyllic but only if you were in the water. Blast furnace were the two words that came to my mind.


That being said, I did go for a swim. It was very nice.

Getting here a day before the conference workshops started was a great idea. After today it’s likely we will be too busy to take much advantage of the pool. I have a feeling this is what we’ll be seeing a lot of:



    • Thanks! The pool is a necessity for anyone daring to step foot outside. I didn’t see anyone just “lounging” by the pool! Ridiculously hot here, right 8teen39? I heard last night that Vegas set a record on Tuesday. Even Las Vegans are complaining. Residents get used to the heat here, but I don’t think they were expecting Death Valley.


  1. So you’re here? If you like old movies, tonight the movie theater (you’re staying at South Point, right?) Is playing “Singing In The Rain”. Last night we saw “The Wizard Of Oz”. It was fun to see it on the big screen.


  2. I would love to see “Singing In The Rain” but we have a full agenda. Workshops all day, opening reception tonight, event after that, AND after that a special showing of Teller’s new movie with a Q&A to follow. Yes, I may get to hear Teller speak, if I can stay up that late. Nobody sleeps at TAM.


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