Lightning over Nevada

The last two evenings have seen thunderstorms roll through northern Nevada.  On Tuesday it was too rainy and windy to try to capture anything as I wasn’t about to take my camera and self out into that mess, but yesterday evening saw the worst of the storms a bit to the south of us and after many, many, MANY tries, I finally captured this. (Click on image if you’d like to see a larger version)


    • Thanks, Maralee. It was very difficult. It wasn’t dark yet, so I couldn’t just do a super long exposure, so I just stood out there and pressed the shutter over and over and over again. I got three actual strikes out of about 300 photos. This one was the best.


    • I just clicked on the DPS link and they spoke of long shutter – which I addressed in one of my comments above that it was not yet dark. At my smallest aperture at 100 ISO, I was blowing out the sky (and therefore no lightning would have shown).

      I did what I could given what I had, and my first real attempt.


    • I also have very few opportunities to photograph lightning, and like you, I don’t have a motion trigger (or plans to buy one). If I moved to tornado alley (oh wait, I used to live there…not gonna do it again) or any other place with lots of thunderstorms, I’ll reconsider. 🙂


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