Dense smoke

The northern Nevada area is socked in with smoke from the Rim Fire at Yosemite.  See the link below for coverage and a dramatization of the way the smoke is moving across the west, not only from this fire, but others as well.

Wildfire near Yosemite surges, prompts evacuations

This is the view looking south from our front door. Normally we can see the foothills. I can’t even see to the end of the road.


Obviously, this is not good, health-wise. Our throats are raw, our eyes are burning, and we are sneezing and coughing.  I can’t close the windows because we rely on a swamp cooler to cool the house.

Still,  the photographer in me had to take advantage of the diffused light.

I will now return to my sneezing and coughing.


  1. Sorry you’re so socked in with smoke. I know how miserable that is, especially if you’re sensitive to the smoke. When it gets like that here, I close everything up and stay indoors. We’ve been lucky that we haven’t had too many days like that this year (knock on wood).


  2. Our morning news here in the U.K. on the BBC showed frightening views of the fires and what seems to be a task beyond the fire-fighters abilities being so large and so widely spread. I suppose what is really needed is a change in weather but your forecast doesn’t look helpful. They say that it is natures way, the way of the forest and all will recover….I do wonder!

    Stay safe


  3. Carissa, this sounds awful for you and the family and the pets! I don’t know what to suggest but just hope you get through it okay, and the rains come? Look after yourselves, I am hoping you are back to normal soon!


  4. That’s awful. I remember being in NM two years ago in the midst of their wildfires and the whole place smelled like mesquite. That smoke is much denser; I can only imagine what it’s like. The dog blames you.


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