Lightning over Nevada

The last two evenings have seen thunderstorms roll through northern Nevada.  On Tuesday it was too rainy and windy to try to capture anything as I wasn’t about to take my camera and self out into that mess, but yesterday evening saw the worst of the storms a bit to the south of us and after many, many, MANY tries, I finally captured this. (Click on image if you’d like to see a larger version)

Desert Creatures: Out of hibernation

It has gotten consistently warm enough that the desert lizards are coming out of hibernation.    I found this handsome male Yellow-Backed Spiny Lizard bopping around out front yesterday evening. Here he is sunning himself on a rock under the Russian Olives we use as a windbreak.

He is a BIG boy.

He got tired of the crazy lady with the camera and scooted into the Aussie tree.. Still, he wasn’t too skittish and I was able to get pretty close. I love the turquoise on his throat and abdomen. I am also fascinated by lizard mouths.

How I Spent My Sunday, Part 2

A few more photos from Sunday’s Medical Response Outreach Event (MORE).

Danielle and Cory shared their stories with us. Danielle was compelling and her story would break your heart.

They both were willing to let me photograph their teeth so that we could convey to our elected officials the dire need for services in our community.  For obvious reasons, I will not be posting those photographs here.

Jacqui is a home health care nurse. Neither she nor her husband are insured.

Davit has big dreams of making it one day.

Bette (pronounced Betty, she was quick to tell me!) brought her son in for a flu shot and gave me good-natured hell about taking her photo, yet when I asked if I could photograph her with her boys, she proudly sat between them. I’ve got a print all ready to send to her.

Waiting outside the dental van.