The Grand Elf

That’s what I think of when I see James Randi. He is just a wee bit of a thing. Never tall, even in his youth, and age has curved his spine and shrunken his body even more. Yet, he looms large in the skeptical community (Wikipedia).

He’s been through much in the past few years, not the least of which was cancer and chemo. He was given a clean bill of health, and he moved well this year, navigating the hallways and the stairs without pause.

At the close of The Amaz!ng Meeting, he made one concession to his advancing years: a “wrangler” would be brought on to assist him.

This year, we were all invited to a special showing of “An Honest Liar,” a documentary of Randi’s life (trailer).  I highly recommend it.  We also learned this year that his biography is in the works as well.  That gargantuan effort is in the hands  Massimo Polidoro (Wikipedia)

The clock is ticking.

He’s Two!

Remember this little boy?  This is our great-nephew, Mattix.

And he’s two years old now.

Of course, that meant a party!  We started out at the water park at North Valleys Regional Park.

There was pizza.

And ice cream.

Cards and lots of presents.

And just as we were about to eat some cake . . .

. . . lightning strikes began and the park had to close. So we had to head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to finish the party.

We finally get down the important part.

Then off to play some more!

And before it was all through, we got a group photo.  I must say, I’m rather proud of myself on this achievement. I got everyone sitting and posed, Mattix was off to the side playing on the recliner. I told everyone, “No matter what happens with Mattix, keep looking into the camera.”  I set the timer, grabbed Mattix from the recliner, threw him into his mommy’s lap, jumped into my spot and “Smiles!”  Got it on the first take. 

Gratuitous cute puppy photo. This is Bambi, the newest addition to my brother & sister-in-law’s household.