Denise was the Clinton campaign organizer for my area in the run-up to the Nevada Democratic Caucus. After the caucus, Denise did not head out to another state as many of the other organizers did, but stayed in Nevada and is about to file to run for Sparks City Council. We did her headshot session on Saturday.


A year of self #76 – The view from the chair

While waiting for Brian (the best stylist ever) to come back with the hair color, I managed to pull this one off.

Location: A Salon 7. Reno, Nevada.

A wonderful day in Nevada

Yesterday afternoon, the news came in that the 9th circuit had struck down Nevada’s constitutional amendment that banned same sex couples from marrying.  It was already on its way out the door. Many of the same voters who had once supported it and pushed it into law, have changed their minds and come over to the side of love with the rest of us. But repealing the amendment was going to take a few more years.  The 9th Circuit Court took care of that for us yesterday.

And so, an impromptu rally was hurriedly put together. We met at Reno City Center at 7:00 pm. We cheered, laughed, smiled, hugged, listened to lots of wonderful people, and marched to the Reno Arch and back again.   A happy day indeed!

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