Sunrise over Half Dome

This past weekend, Sweetie and I went to Yosemite to join family and friends to say one last good-bye to Dad. We rose before dawn to drive up to Glacier Point. Just before we got there a bear crossed the road and ambled up into the pines.  The sky was already beginning to lighten when we arrived.

At the lookout, a doe met us as we walked up to the lookout point. She was not shy.


We called her our escort.




It was beautiful morning.



We said our good-byes in the place dad loved so much. Every summer meant a week in Yosemite.


As the sun began to rise behind Half Dome, the clouds became very apparent and I did what I could to capture them.


My brother and nephew gazing out on the valley, lost in thought.


Sunbeams through the mist hanging over Yosemite.


Before we left, we gathered for a group photo.


As we made our way back to the parking lot, our escort awaited us.



She was quite gentle and unafraid and I was able to get quite close to her.


She walked with us as we headed for the parking lot, and then, she walked off into the woods.

It was a perfect morning in Yosemite.