Film – The First Roll

For some reason, my first roll of exposed film got set aside during the move and about a week ago, in my rummaging about, I “found” it again and sent it off. Therefore, these photos were taken before those I posted a while back. Much of this roll was not very good, as I was in unfamiliar territory (no chimping with film!) and I “forgot” I was shooting black and white film. Eventually,  I started to pay attention to light and shadow, and a few came out okay.

Kodak 100 T-MAX.

Geese Family


Drip line

Leaves in sunlight

Quaking Aspen


Mason Jar


  1. These are great. Kudos for going back to film. A few months ago I bought a roll and put it an old camera if mine. Sometimes it is nice to go back and get a feel of the limitations of film, as it forces one to be careful in the choices you make while shooting.


    • Yes, indeed. I’m really enjoying the slowness film brings, from the care I have to take in making the shot, to the delayed gratification I must endure while waiting for the film to be developed.


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