SuperSat Photo Challenge: Red & Blue

I was remiss in doing this photo challenge (link), so this is LATE. However, my trip to southern California yielded one photograph that lent itself perfectly to this challenge. At first I was going to try to keep it completely in color, but when saturating the blues and reds, the photo went to pot. So selective color was the answer.

This is a photo of my dad’s two bikes; one regular and one recumbent. They’ve been under the tarp for a while and I noticed they had been moved since my last visit. Dad was so proud of the recumbent, especially.

Today’s photo does not reflect my well-being

Yours truly is sick, sick, sick.  Either it’s a really bad cold or it’s the flu (though I did get my annual shot).

Anyway, this is a “fake it ’til you make it” post. I’ll soon be on the other side of this crud.