A co-worker of mine had a reception for her art class project show last night. 

Her show was held at The Generator. From their website (link):

We’re an inclusive art space in greater Reno, Nevada, Sparks to be exact, for anyone who wants to make art and be part of a creative community.

The Generator is an oasis of decommodification. We don’t buy. We don’t sell. We dream. We convene. We create. We make. We’re inspired by the magic and inspiration we see in all its enormity at Burning Man each summer, and we want to keep it alive all year. We combine forces and share resources in the name of creative growth and community involvement for all.

We have industrial equipment and tools, a powerful network of creative minds, 3 phase power, and 34,000 square feet of workspace. We share our collective know-how and we hope to learn from yours. We’re here to encourage professional artists and beginners alike to make art and to learn from each other as a creative community.

We operate under the same creative community ethic outlined in Burning Man’s Ten Principles.

We were given a tour of the first floor.  It’s really an amazing place, and I hope to go participate somehow in this community.



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