Happy Festivus!

December 23rd is the official date for Festivus. Rather than trying to pull this off on a Monday night, the club I belong to held their second annual Festivus Party and Food Drive at our house this past Saturday night.

Nina and Buddy were properly decked out for the occasion thanks to a friend who came bearing gifts for the critters.

We had the traditional Airing of Grievances.

Matt doesn’t look very aggrieved though.

The Feats of Strength did not involve the traditional Greco-Roman wrestling. Valuing furniture and everyone’s limbs, we opted for a milder version.

This particular match was quite intense and long-lived.

The defending champion, Trick, was bested by Chris.

But victory was short-lived and the Ultimate Champion match soon set Chris back on his heels.


Lots of good food, good conversation, the best eggnog I’ve ever had, and lots of laughter all around.   Happy Festivus, everyone!