Smoke? What smoke?

It looks like we’ve gotten to the point that smoke or no smoke, we’ve just got to get on with our lives. That certainly seemed to be the case at this year’s Best of the West Rib Cook-off in Sparks.  After running some errands yesterday, Sweetie and I made our way over to Victorian Square to take in the sights.

Packed. The place was wall-to-wall people. And as you can see, the blue sky was obliterated by smoke and visibility only went so far. There are usually hills visible beyond the trees.

Still, the cloudy skies made for a huge soft box.

Smoke upon smoke. And no one seemed to care.

Lots of dads carrying kids.

Lots of eating.

Corn on the cob seems to be a universal favorite.

Everyone seems to have their own rib-eating style.

There are the nibblers.

There are the “strip the meat from the bones” types.

Fingers must be licked and teeth picked. Fingernails will do.

There were carnival rides.

And dancing in the streets.

Criss Angel’s little sister?

A couple of the musicians.

People hanging out and enjoying the music.

More dancing!

Dance routine!

And the big finish!


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