Flying Solo

After yesterday’s dueling shots, I thought I’d share a few hummingbird onesies.


  1. Great shots . . .

    On a related issue . . . are you using a red mix in the feeders, or is that just the color of the plastic?

    While some of the concerns may be unfounded, the bottom line for me is that the mix costs extra.

    I go through 25 pounds of sugar per season (this season is tracking a bit more). Mixing water and sugar takes only a few moments, and it certainly has not deterred hummingbirds from visiting my feeders (they’re sucking it down like there’s no tomorrow).

    While I don’t know if the red dye is an issue, given the formula is fairly straight forward, I see no reason in favor of buying the mix.

    You might already know all this, in which case . . . nevermind.


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