Pigeons along the Truckee

I haven’t been out on a photography walkabout for quite some time and it was really starting to get to me, so I took a couple of hours today to get my fix. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite images in the coming days. (Just so you know: they won’t all pigeons).  Just these two.

The circle of life as seen from our bedroom window

I captured this Cooper’s Hawk* in our backyard today just doing what comes naturally.





* Based on Google. I originally thought this was a red-tailed hawk. But just to be sure, I researched.  When I read that Cooper’s Hawks prey on smaller birds, I felt pretty confident in my assessment.


I know we all call it the duck pond, but the seagulls claim a lot of territory too.

Taken with Canon 7D using Tamron 16-300MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD. Reno, Nevada across the street from NV Energy. June 24, 2014.

Crow and Moon

I’m going through my files and being brutal about deleting stuff that will never see the light of day and is just hogging up space on my hard drive. But this one from February 2013 caught my eye. Keeping and sharing.

Taken from the front yard of my parent’s home.

Little Birds

I took these photographs while looking out from our lanai in Hawaii.  The finches are a little hard to see. Can you find them?

There are four in this photo. . .

But not in this one . . .

Incoming!!  Looks like the fella on the left may have a contender for the lovely lady’s affections.

Oooh! Her head has been turned!

But not for long . . .

Someone new swoops in  . . .


Island Canary (aka Atlantic Canary)

Silhouetted bird . . .

Definitely not from the finch family . . .