New York City: Attention must be paid

I hesitated before publishing these photographs, but I felt it would be dishonest not to show you that I saw this side of New York as well.  To not show you is to continue to make them invisible.

These are the only photos I took of street people, though I saw many others like them (and far worse) throughout the city.   This is our collective failure. 


  1. I want to click like, but only for the fact that you have drawn attention to it. I was contemplating taking a similar ohoto the other day of a guy sleeping on some grass, but it would have been with my phone so it wouldn’t have looked the same as doing it with a proper camera


  2. The last photo might be more unequivocal, but the first two might just be people who are tired and want to rest a bit.

    I’m assuming it’s implied these are homeless, and I am sure there are many in NY, but do you know for sure that to be the case. For instance, that scene on a campus might just be of students trying to catch some shut-eye.

    Just wondering.


  3. Thanks for sharing the reality of life. It is the true colors of society whether asleep or homeless as some may interpret, but I would say that it is quite the same situation here – the homeless are becoming “invisible” as more corporate capitalistic buildings rise. Just my 2 cents 🙂


    • Thanks for commenting. I do feel that we as a society are failing a good portion of our population when, in fact, we can be both prosperous and care for each other. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive.


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