Photo Club Shoot: “How to take great photos even in the worst outdoor lighting”

We traipsed out into the midday Nevada sun to give it a go.

What we were told:  Try to stay in the shade or keep the sun to your model’s back and fill with flash.  I pretty much knew that stuff before the shoot, but I still had a good time.

For some reason, I spent most of my time with Sarah.

But I got a few decent shots of Kindra too.

This one was shot in full sun with a diffuser panel.

This one I used fill-flash.

Can you see a difference?

I read a post a while back that noted that the reason why jpgs look so different (read: flat and odd colors) on Facebook from the jpg on our computers has to do with the compressing FB does to the photos. Many of us have also noticed the same phenomenon on WordPress.  This article suggested saving images as PNG instead. So here is my experiment.

The photos were all resized to 1800×1200.  The png images are larger in mb size of the jpg (3.34mb vs 1.34mb-color photos, 1.64mb vs 1.13mb-BW photos), so it seems to me a bit more data is being kept. But really, I don’t see a difference in the shots when I open them in separate tabs, or here on the web page. Do you?  I see a bit more definition in the black and white, and a bit more brightness in the color, I think. Or that could just be my eyes playing tricks on me.

I suppose I’ll have to try it on Facebook, though I usually publish photos to FB directly from SmugMug rather than upload directly to FB.