Photo-shoot: Alex

My photography group did a model shoot today at Hidden Beach at Lake Tahoe. It was my first model shoot and I was feeling a bit like a fish out of water. First of all, it was going to be a lot of photographers, and what appeared to be not very many models. I worried that I’d have to elbow the guys out of the way to get any decent photos. I had ridden up with another photographer friend of mine, Sally, and she had some of the same concerns.

When we got there it turned out there were only three models and a lot of “the guys.”  Hmm.

Then I spied Alex sitting on a rock near one of the models who was getting ready.  He had on a neat hat, sunglasses and a half buttoned shirt over an undershirt. Oh, yeah, I wanted to shoot him. “Who is THAT guy?” I asked one of the old-timers.   “Oh, he’s just the boyfriend of one of the models.”

Not one to let an opportunity go by, and knowing that all the other guys would be shooting the girls in bikinis, I walked up to him and asked him if he minded I shot him.  He didn’t mind at all, but noted that he might look pretty tired as he hadn’t had any sleep the night before.

Sally and I tag-teamed the shoot, sharing reflectors and fill-light duties, and along with some help from another photographer, Ray, we were off to the races.