Sneak Preview: Mother and Daughter

I received a last-minute request from a friend to photograph her and her daughter.  I’ve known GLC since just after 9/11.  You see, her husband is Afghan and they lived in Reno where they ran a local burger place where Sweetie ate lunch quite frequently.  After 9/11 they began a program to get school supplies to Afghanistan.  In addition, they began a program to have school desks built locally in Afghanistan.  Eventually they moved back to Afghanistan.   Things appeared to be going well, and in fact, they even adopted a baby girl.  However, in recent years, Afghanistan became less secure and my friend and her husband decided that she and their daughter would return to the U.S.  He is still in Afghanistan with the two boys he has adopted.  My friend spent a couple of years in Washington, DC doing cultural training for Americans deploying to Afghanistan.

Last year she and her daughter moved back to Reno.  On Friday she asked if I’d mind coming over to photograph them so that she could have something for friends and family by Valentine’s Day.

We did the shoot yesterday.  More to come.


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