Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This week’s photo challenge is Home.

Home is, and will always be, the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

These two photos were taken on our 2004 trip back home.  There is nothing fancy about these shots, and they were taken with a old point and shoot digital on completely auto settings. When we go back (and we will), I’ll do better.

We spent much of our time there visiting old haunts as we had not set foot in Hawaii since 1977.

This is half of Booth Park in Pauoa Valley. Pauoa is a little valley nestled between Punchbowl and the Pali Lookout.  I climbed those trees as a child and it was gratifying to see, nearly fifty years after the fact, that this little town still looked pretty much as it did when I was skinning my knees there.

This is the He’eia Kea Pier. It juts into Kaneohe Bay in the little town of Kahaluu, where we moved when I was in the fourth grade.  The windward side of Oahu was home to me until I entered my sophomore year in college and I moved to Honolulu just off the University of Hawaii campus.