Day 50 – Faded Roses and Budding Pines

I wandered into the yard today with plans to practice with my light meter.  I metered and photographed the dogs, the trees, the sleeping vegetable garden and just worked my way around the backyard.  It worked swimmingly and with few exceptions, my shots were properly exposed for my intended shots.

Our rose bushes have not been pruned so there are quite a few dead blooms on them. After shooting some of them, I headed out front to check out the Austrian Pines. We planted five of them when we built the house eleven years ago, and at the time they were just about three feet tall.  Now they are huge and I noticed today that only one of them has pine cones on it. Odd.  All the pines are “budding” though.

Rose Leaves © Carissa Snedeker

Red Rose © Carissa Snedeker

White Rose © Carissa Snedeker

Pine Bud © Carissa Snedeker


  1. Oh may, that last is so so beautiful. I really like it. I meet someone with one of those light meters. Those things are pretty cool.


  2. Ditto on the pine bud.

    I’ve hung up (metaphorically speaking) my light meter. Lazy of me, I know, but these days cameras have very good meters, and with the option to spot meter I can generally get the exposure I want. Plus there’s that whole bracketing thing.

    If I ever start shooting seriously I’ll have to dust it off; to customers it’s all a matter of perception. Wave around a light meter, and you must be a pro.

    Seriously, great pictures. Did you take some just using the meter on the camera for comparison?


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